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Site C open house marked by protest

Sean Assor,, April 18 2012

Anti-Site C protesters once again made their voices heard, as they gathered outside a B.C. Hydro public meeting last night. At Tuesday evening’s Project Definition Consultation and information session at the Pomeroy Hotel, a group of over ten protesters clearly demonstrated their views on the project to organizers and those in attendance.

A group of protesters marching through the Site C open house, expressing their opposition to the project (Image: Kyla Corpuz)

Members of the Peace Valley Environment Association gathered in the hotel parking lot, holding signs and wearing t-shirts that clearly showed their opposition to the multi-billion dollar project, with signs displaying slogans like "Save the Peace" and "our paradise not Hydro profit."

As the information session progressed, protesters made their way from the parking lot, to the hotel entrance, and eventually entered the event, circling around all the displays in a single file line, showcasing their signs and delivering a strong anti-dam message.

Andrea Morison, Coordinator of PVEA, spoke about the intention of those picketing outside the information session.

"We have some concerns: B.C. Hydro is promoting this project like it’s a done deal…We want to let the local people driving by and in attendance know that this is not a done deal, and there is still a lot of opposition to the project and a lot of concern."

A strong concern for those opposed is the effect the dam would have on the surrounding environment.

Morison says, "The whole name of the project is misleading, I mean they call it the Site C Clean Energy Project, when in fact when you are destroying an ecosystem in a river valley to the extent that they will be for this project, it’s hard to call it clean."

Following a couple hours of taking in all the information presented at the open house, those in attendance were encouraged to participate in a question and answer session. Topics such as B.C. Hydro’s power smart program, the provision of employment through the dam and whether or not people in the Peace Region actually want the dam were just some of the issues directed towards Hydro officials.

For a look at the information presented at Tuesday's open house, visit the project's official website.


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