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Proposed Pipelines and Tanker Spill Risk for BC

Robyn Allan, May 6 2012

British Columbians have been told the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline and Marine Terminal represents 220 tankers a year when it could be upwards of 340 per year.

We’ve been told that twinning Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain means a tanker a day in Vancouver’s inner harbour, when its possible the project could represent upwards of 475 oil tankers a year.

Taken together the two projects could expose BC to 2 million barrels of crude oil a day by land, and around 800 tankers a year transiting vulnerable coastal waters.

I have prepared an 11 page report – Proposed Pipelines and Tanker Spill Risk for BC – explaining how this could occur if Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan proceed.

If, after reviewing the report, you are concerned about the volume of crude oil and condensate planned for transport across BC’s and First Nations’ land, freshwater streams and coastal waters, please let Premier Clark know. Please ask her to take back BC’s sovereign right to conduct a meaningful environmental assessment and have the final decision making power as to whether Northern Gateway proceeds or not.

Premier Clark’s email address is


Click here to download Robyn Allan's report


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