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Laura Payton, CBC News, Jun 17, 2014

Justin Trudeau, Tom Mulcair both pledge to reverse decision if they form government in 2015

The federal government has agreed to let Enbridge build its Northern Gateway pipeline, subject to 209 conditions recommended by the National Energy Board and further talks with aboriginal communities.

Enbridge wants to build the pipeline from Bruderheim, Alta., to Kitimat, B.C.


May 3, 1919 – January 27, 2014

Pete Seeger's body gave out yesterday, but his music will live forever. He has left us a bounty of music and boundless spirit to continue the good fights.

Thank-you, Pete. Goodnight.

Here's a sampler of three great songs. YouTube is full of his music. Enjoy.

‘Pipeline or rail, the oil will flow’, say Alberta oil industry and Canada’s government

Roger Annis, Vancouver Observer, 30 Sep 2013

Following a visit by federal ministers to British Columbia last week to win over oil pipeline opponents, VO takes a look at what happened and what's to come. The pressure to expand oil-by-rail is relentless. Meanwhile, the oil train derailments are accumulating. And a recent editorial by Postmedia suggested that proposals to ship oil by truck on Canada's highways will be next.

Deconstructing BC Hydro's Rate Increase

Marvin Shaffer, CCPA Policy Notes, September 14th, 2013

When the government imposed its Energy Plan on BC Hydro it never bothered to estimate the costs (or for that matter the benefits) of what it hoped to achieve. Ardent supporters of that Plan, like my good friend Mark Jaccard, constructed scenarios under which it would make sense to force BC Hydro to buy more power than it needed, but no one was forecasting those scenarios to materialize — certainly not BC Hydro, the BCUC, the union representing BC Hydro workers or any ratepayer group.

LNG exports: the subsidy pressures mount

Re: Asian buyers want cheaper BC gas

Can't miss the main message in this story: Christy Clark must mark down the cost of BC's LNG, or the Asian market won't be there, the companies hoping to produce LNG in BC won't sink the capital in, and her promises to deliver the pot'o'gold in time for the election in 2017 go pffft.

BC's brilliant LNG export scheme: announce an already stale subsidy

Re: Energy companies get B.C. natural gas extraction royalty breaks

Wow! This'll mollify an unhappy natural gas industry. Unhappy? How could they not be: hundreds of millions of dollars invested in BC natural gas, prices utterly collapsed, and nowhere to sell all this gas. If LNG doesn't fly, more than a few jobs and executive bonuses are on the line.

Asian buyers want cheaper BC gas

Asian Pacific Post, 25Sep2013

Premier Christy Clark upcoming 13-day trade mission to China, Korea and Japan to deepen British Columbia’s relationships with those key liquefied natural gas Asian markets will be facing some severe gas pains, industry analysts said.

Mining company steps back from Sacred Headwaters standoff

Damien Gillis,, Sep 23 2013

Fortune Minerals announced Monday it will voluntarily stand down from an escalating conflict with the local Tahltan First Nation. The Common Sense Canadian has been reporting on the standoff over a proposed mine in northwest BC’s Sacred Headwaters region since it began in August, when First Nations elders issued the company an eviction notice, demanding it cease exploratory drilling.

CN Rail floats idea of shipping Alberta bitumen to Prince Rupert: documents

Bruce Cheadle, Canadian Press, Globe and Mail, Sep. 22, 2013

CN Rail, at the urging of Chinese-owned Nexen Inc., is considering shipping Alberta bitumen to Prince Rupert, B.C., by rail in quantities matching the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline, documents show.

Chevron announces open house on Clio Bay, seeks input from stakeholders

Robin Rowland, Northwest Coast Energy News, 22 Sep 2013

Chevron, the partner with Apache in the KM LNG (also known as Kitimat LNG) project at Bish Cove, said Sunday that the company will hold an open house in Kitimat on the controversial Clio Bay reclamation project.

Silencing Scientists

Verlyn Klinkenborg, Editorial, New York Times, Sep 21, 2013

Over the last few years, the government of Canada — led by Stephen Harper — has made it harder and harder for publicly financed scientists to communicate with the public and with other scientists.

Coal mining protest in B.C. set to erupt

Margo Harper, Globe and Mail, Sep. 20 2013

An increasingly tense standoff between a B.C. First Nation and a London, Ont.-based coal company in a remote mountain valley known as Sacred Headwaters is set to erupt as protesters flaunt their month-long presence on a drilling site and taunt the RCMP to arrest them.

In Australia, an Uphill Battle To Rein in the Power of Coal

Samiha Shafy, Yale Environment 360, 17 Sep 2013

Australia is the world’s second-largest exporter of coal, thanks to huge markets in China, Japan, and other Asian countries. Environmentalists have been struggling to scale back the nation’s coal boom, but the recent election of a conservative prime minister may keep coal on top.

B.C. touts cold climate in bid to land LNG investment

Justine Hunter, Globe and Mail, Sep. 15 2013

VICTORIA — In the global race to capture billions of dollars of investment to develop liquefied natural gas, British Columbia has started to tout its natural advantage: a northern climate.

Province, Hydro face off over rate increase

Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun, Sept 12 2013

Top bureaucrats can 'grind' utility some more on proposed 26 per cent rate hike, minister says

Excitement builds over Campbell River LNG plant

Alistair Taylor, Campbell River Mirror, September 10, 2013

It will be a long haul before Discovery LNG starts shipping liquid natural gas from the former Elk Falls Mill site.

But Quicksilver Resources is serious about seeing the project happen, says senior vice president and chief operating officer David Rushford.

BC Hydro forecasts 'massive' rate increases

Gordon Hoekstra, Vancouver Sun, September 11, 2013

Energy Minister Bill Bennett says efforts are underway to reduce potential 26-per-cent hike

Council asked to support not dumping clay in Clio Bay

Walter McFarlane, Kitimat Daily, Sep 6 2013

Rick Flegel addressed City Council on Clio Bay on Monday, September 3rd. He asked them for their support in stopping the proposed dumping of clay in Clio Bay. He explained he is a long-time resident.

Vaughn Palmer: $750-million surrender on energy-trading infractions triggers political spin cycle

Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun, August 27 2013

VICTORIA — When a U.S. regulator ruled earlier this year that B.C. was guilty of hundreds of infractions in selling electricity to California, the government was quick to discount the finding as a temporary setback.

Oil spill preparedness changes need broader consultation, says NDP

Gordon Hoekstra, Vancouver Sun, August 26, 2013

Relying on industry for advice is akin to ‘fox in charge of hen house’

Powerex pay out doesn't add up

 Keith Baldrey, Vancouver Courier, August 22 2013

And that’s what the B.C. Liberal government did last week with a bolt from the blue announcement that it was ending its decade-long fight with the state of California and electrical utilities there over whether B.C. Hydro acted legally when it sold power to the state in 2000 and 2001.

Official Price of the Enbridge Kalamazoo Spill, A Whopping $1,039,000,000

Desmog Canada, 26 Aug 2013

The largest onshore oil spill in US history - Enbridge's ruptured Line 6B that released nearly 3 million liters of tar sands diluted bitumen into a tributary of the Kalamazoo River in Michigan - finally has an official price tag: $1,039,000,000 USD. That's according to newly disclosed figures released by Enbridge in a Revised Application to expand another one of its pipelines, the Alberta Clipper.

World-first pilot plant to turn carbon dioxide into rock

ABC News, 23 Aug 2013

A research pilot plant in Newcastle will trial world-first technology that turns carbon emissions into bricks and pavers for the construction industry.

What will it take to catch PG&E's attention?

The Bakersfield Californian, Aug 24 2013

Sept. 9, 2010: A 30-inch PG&E gas pipeline burst in San Bruno, killing eight people, injuring dozens more and destroying 38 homes. In court documents, PG&E first tried to blame the rupture on a city sewer project that allegedly damaged a "state of the art" pipeline. Residents themselves were accused of somehow being negligent.

BC Hydro’s draft Integrated Resource Plan released for consultation

News Release, BC Hydro, August 23 2013

Bill Bennett, Minister of Energy and Mines and Minister responsible for Core Review, is directing BC Hydro to release its draft Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) and undertake a final round of consultation with First Nations, key stakeholders and the public.

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