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Mitigate That! - Tankers in Douglas Channel

Pipe Dreams, CBC TV News, July 20, 2010

Most news gets stale with time, but this one gets better. Listen to Enbridge's John Carruthers blather on about Enbridge's "learnings" in Wisconsin where it had to "mitigate some issues ... in terms of environmental violations".

This item aired on July 20, five days before Enbridge had a hell of a lot more mitigatin' to do in Michigan - where it quickly discovered it was now responsible for North America's largest pipeline rupture ever. Ta da. Mitigate that!

Pipe Dreams, CBC

And lest anyone be lulled into complacency ... when industry and government are done telling you a spill is impossible, and then congratulate themselves that it's all cleaned up, this will happen...

Twenty years after the Exxon Valdez discharged at least 10,800,000 gallons of Alaskan crude oil into Prince William Sound, the Anchorage Daily News trumpeted "This is it; it's done". David Janka, who operates Auklet Charters out of Cordova, took the newspaper out to Smith Island, moved a couple of rocks out of the way, and took this picture.

It's not done. It's never done. David says that you can still find blobs of hard "old" oil on an occasional rock in Prince William Sound left from tanks that ruptured during the 1964 earthquake.

In the photo - yep, that's Alaskan crude from the Exxon Valdez sitting there. It's MUCH lighter stuff than Alberta's tar sands bitumen, by the way.

The Gulf of Mexico is what some promoters would like the north coast of British Columbia to become - busy with tankers and drilling rigs and happy shareholders.

Over my dead body.


Thanks to Dave Shannon and David Janka

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