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The LNG throne speech - full of gas

Re: When the gruel is this thin, fantasy looks like a good alternative

Well, that was one of the thinnest throne speeches in my memory (which admittedly is getting thinner too).

Throne speeches are weird things, especially ones that precede elections. The Lieutenant Governor is a bit like one of Jeff Dunham’s stage partners – her mouth is moving, but someone else is speaking.

This was the LNG Throne Speech - full of gas. Proudly announcing the government’s “strategy” to throw what’s left of BC’s economy under the LNG train – that’s a LNG pun, folks. The BC prosperity fund – what a joke. Revenues from gas, should they ever materialize, will go to pay down debt. And to pay for social services. As if that isn’t where that money would go anyway! It’s just straight into the provincial operating account and straight out again in the usual expenditures. Not even a backstop or excuse for poor fiscal management.

“In just over one year the industry is more than halfway to meeting government's target of 17 new and expanded mines.” What? I clearly missed something. Is she talking about a bunch of gravel pits? Or is this a new method of “achievement deferral accounting” to mimic the BC Hydro expenditure deferral accounts?

Read the throne speech here.


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