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Tar sands

Kinder Morgan plans pipeline expansion to B.C.

NATHAN VANDERKLIPPE, Globe and Mail, Feb. 02, 2011

Kinder Morgan Canada is accelerating plans to boost deliveries of Alberta crude to the West Coast, pressing ahead with new pipeline capacity that raises the stakes in a high-profile race to export Canadian energy to Asia.

Keystone link to Gulf finds enough producers

SHAWN McCARTHY, Globe and Mail, Jan. 26, 2011

TransCanada Corp. (TRP-T36.32-0.23-0.63%) has signed up enough customers to proceed with its 150,000 barrel-per-day pipeline from Oklahoma to the Gulf Coast, a project that will help end a bottleneck weighing on benchmark North American crude prices.

Peter Kent’s green agenda: Clean up oil sands’ dirty reputation

Steven Chase, Globe and Mail, January 6, 2011

The oil sands have a new defender: freshly minted Environment Minister Peter Kent, who calls Canada’s tarry resource an “ethical” source of energy that should take priority in the U.S over foreign producers with poor democratic track records.

Nikiforuk Pores Over Royal Society's Oil Sands Study

By Andrew Nikiforuk,, December 16, 2010

What the scientists got right, and missed, in their high-profile, largely damning report.

Doubts cast on feasibility of West Coast pipelines

NATHAN VANDERKLIPPE, Globe and Mail, Nov. 26, 2010

Some of Canada’s top oil-industry players are casting doubt on the possibility that substantial volumes of Alberta crude will one day flow to the Canadian West Coast for delivery to Asian markets.

Canada’s oilsands strategy includes lobbying against global-warming measures: documents

Paul deSouza, Postmedia News, November 22, 2010

OTTAWA — Three major departments in the federal government have been actively co-ordinating a communications strategy with Alberta and its fossil-fuel industry to fight international global-warming policies that “target” oilsands production, newly released federal documents reveal.

‘Dirty oil' worry takes back seat to U.S. oil thirst

DAVID EBNER, Globe and Mail, Oct. 21, 2010

The United States needs Canada’s “dirty oil,” the energy-hungry country is set to concede after a raucous environmental debate that has threatened the expansion of Alberta’s oil sands.

The Last Great Water Fight

by Chris Wood, The Walrus, October 2010

The battle for the northern headwaters of the Mackenzie River

Avatar on Earth

Suzuki scoffs at Syncrude offer

By Todd Babiak, Edmonton Journal, September 22, 2010

Chairman asks environmentalist to help broker truce with oilsands foes

EDMONTON - Last Friday, David Suzuki had a surreal meeting in his Vancouver office. Marcel Coutu, CEO of Canadian Oil Sands and chairman of the board of Syncrude, had requested an audience with Canada's best known environmentalist.

Pelosi's probe: oil sands & America's addiction to oil

by David Hughes, Energy Bulletin, Post Carbon Institute, Sep 10, 2010

US House of Representatives Speaker and California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi arrived in Canada last week ostensibly to get the real goods on Alberta’s oil sands. As an environmentalist up for re-election in November, Ms. Pelosi is under pressure from her constituents about the carbon footprint of the oil the US gets from its Number One supplier – the Canadian oil sands. The question is, if not Canada, who?

The oil sands’ silent boom

Nathan VanderKlippe, Globe and Mail, Sep. 11, 2010

Christina Lake, Alta. — Tucked next to the web of steel and pipe that wrings thick bitumen from this corner of northeastern Alberta, a pile-driving machine slams a long steel pipe into the soft earth that covers the province’s oil sands.

Elevated levels of toxins found in Athabasca River

Josh Wingrove, Globe and Mail, August 30, 2010

Finding refutes long-standing claims that water quality hasn’t been affected by oil sands development

How the Tar Sands Threaten Canada's Economic Fate

By Andrew Nikiforuk,, August 13, 2010

A short course in Dutch Disease, deindustrialization and the Bitumen Curse.

Every week Canada's least favorite Emir, Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach, earnestly lectures Canadians that the mighty tar sands are a boon to the national economy because "Alberta's engine drives Canada."

Pipeline would ship oil and jobs south

Dave Coles, Toronto Star, August 8, 2010

An unlikely coalition of Calgary oil workers, Nebraska farmers, Michigan mothers, Greenpeace shock troops and a powerful U.S. congressman have a chance to achieve what many thought impossible — bring a Canada-U.S. oil pipeline project to a screeching halt.

Michigan Oil Spill Increases Concern Over Tar Sands Pipelines

by Kari Lydersen,, NRDC, August 6, 2010

Extensive damage to Michigan waterways shows the risk of transporting tar sands oil

Up to a million gallons of oil spilled from a ruptured pipeline into the waterways of southwestern Michigan last week in what the federal government is calling the most destructive oil spill in Midwestern history.

Greenpeace publicity stunt on Calgary Tower leads to eight arrests

By Kelly Cryderman and Sherri Zickefoose, Calgary Herald, August 3, 2010

CALGARY - Dozens of police and firefighters were on the scene at the Calgary Tower Tuesday morning, where Greenpeace activists in full climbing gear unfurled a huge banner protesting what they say is a "cozy" relationship between big oil and the federal and provincial governments.

Federal MPs cancel oilsands pollution probe, destroy report

By Mike De Souza, Vancouver Sun, July 7, 2010

Federal politicians from the government and opposition benches have mysteriously cancelled an 18-month investigation into oilsands pollution in water and opted to destroy draft copies of their report, Canwest News Service has learned.

Pipeline leak deals blow to Canada's oil sands industry

By Bernard Simon, Financial Times, UK, July 29, 2010

Canada's oil sands industry was trying to defuse a fresh public relations headache on Thursday after a ruptured pipeline spilled about 4m litres of Alberta crude into waterways in southern Michigan.

Vampire Blues: Suckin' Blood From the Earth

Chris Genovali, Huffington Post, July 20, 2010

I'm a vampire, babe,
suckin' blood
from the earth
I'm a vampire, baby,
suckin' blood
from the earth.
Well, I'm a vampire, babe,
sell you
twenty barrels worth.

As U.S. awakens, Canada hits snooze on oil addiction

By Antonia Zerbisias, The Star, July 16, 2010

A report to Parliament on the Alberta Oil sands is, literally, being shredded

Denial, they say, is not just a river in Egypt.

According to environmentalists, it’s also the Athabasca in Alberta.

Andrew Nikiforuk Is Tyee's First Writer in Residence

by David Beers,, July 15, 2010

Nikiforuk: 'Startling ideas and stories.'

An interview with the expert tar sands journalist who will be writing here about 'Energy and Equity.'

Andrew Nikiforuk says we have only ourselves to blame for bird flu, mad cow disease and a host of other diseases.

What Those Who Killed the Tar Sands Report Don't Want You to Know

by Andrew Nikiforuk, the, July 15, 2010

Why did a parliamentary committee suddenly destroy drafts of a final report on tar sands pollution? Here's what they knew.

Devon Energy shuts down oil sands wells after bitumen-laced steam leak

Nathan VanderKlippe, Globe and Mail Update, Jul. 12, 2010

Failure at one of the company’s wellheads sent a plume of high-temperature steam into the air for nearly 36 hours last weekend

Alberta pays to deliver oilsands message

By Sarah O’Donnell, Edmonton Journal, July 3, 2010

Province buys half-page ad after premier's letter rejected

EDMONTON — Alberta's premier delivered his pro-oilsands message to a Washington Post audience Friday morning through a $55,800 Cdn half-page ad in the paper, instead of an opinion piece as originally intended.

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