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Tar sands | Energy in BC & beyond

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Tar sands

The Dilbit Disaster: Inside The Biggest Oil Spill You've Never Heard Of, Part 1

By Elizabeth McGowan and Lisa Song, InsideClimate News, Jun 26, 2012

A black goo stopped just 10 feet from the metal cap that marked his drinking water well. Walking on the tarry mess was like stepping on chewing gum.

Major Oil Spills In Alberta Prompt Questions And Concerns About Keystone XL Pipeline

Matt Kasper, ThinkProgress.org, June 22 2012

The proposed Keystone XL pipeline running from Alberta’s tar sands south to Nebraska and Texas continues to stay in the public eye. Mitt Romney gave it center stage in a

campaign ad released today

Pipeline leak near Sundre takes toll on Gateway project

By James Wood And Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald, June 17, 2012

Opponents point to spill, warn of risks

An oil spill in central Alberta flowed into the Red Deer River system, but its ultimate effect may be felt thousands of kilometres away, over the Rocky Mountains.

Pro: Energy policies that shun Canadian oil will push an American ally to China

Andrew P. Morriss, OregonLive.com, June 8, 2012

Are U.S. energy policies forcing Canada into a long-term trading relationship with China?

Con: Canada will trade with China, regardless of U.S. energy policies

John W. Maxwell, OregonLive.com, June 8 2012

Are U.S. energy policies forcing Canada into a long-term trading relationship with China?

Cash not king when it comes to aboriginals, pipelines

By Barbara Yaffe, Vancouver Sun, June 7, 2012

Native groups dispute Enbridge's claim that 60 per cent of first nations along route support project

Money can't buy you love - that's a message several B.C. aboriginal groups sent on Wednesday to proponents of the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline.

Maybe dirty, certainly cheap: Canadian crude crashes through $60 a barrel

Frik Els, Mining.com, June 5, 2012

The price oil sands producers receive fell to $40.08 a barrel below the international benchmark after a $4.75 or 26% widening of the spread between the price of Western Canada Select – a blend of heavy oil sands crude and conventional oil – and US crude.

Enbridge aims ad campaign at opposition

By Gordon Hamilton, Vancouver Sun, May 30, 2012

Pipeline protests ramp up as company plans to raise its profile

Lions Gate Bridge traffic slowed as Greenpeace protesters hang banner

Canadian Press, Vancouver Sun, May 29 2012

METRO VANCOUVER - A Greenpeace protest in Vancouver aimed at an oil pipeline expansion project was blown slightly off course Tuesday morning.

Kinder Morgan pares pipeline plan

By Jeffrey Jones, Reuters, Vancouver Sun, May 24, 2012

Expansion downsized after fewer shippers sign contracts

Slow down on pipeline

Editorial, Battle Creek Enquirer, May 18, 2012

Replacement plan merits federal review

Enbridge Energy’s plan to replace more than 200 miles of Line 6B may be a lot of things, but it’s not a maintenance project, and it merits a lot more scrutiny that it seems to be getting.

Canada's oil-sands bonanza could mean disaster for Alaska's coastline

By Michael Byers, Seattle Times, May 17 2012

Canada's disregard for the impacts of selling oil sands to China will lead to the near-inevitability of another Exxon Valdez-type spill in U.S. waters, writes guest columnist Michael Byers.

Enbridge AGM: Police out in full force at giant energy company’s annual general meeting

Vanessa Lu, The Star, May 9, 2012

Dozens of police and security guards were out in full force outside the King Edward hotel on Wednesday as protesters were marching toward the venue.

Proposed Pipelines and Tanker Spill Risk for BC

Robyn Allan, May 6 2012

British Columbians have been told the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline and Marine Terminal represents 220 tankers a year when it could be upwards of 340 per year.

TransCanada says it has reapplied to build Keystone XL oil pipeline

Matthew Daly, Associated Press, May 4 2012

WASHINGTON — The Canadian company trying to build the disputed Keystone XL pipeline in the U.S. submitted a new application for the project Friday after changing the route to avoid environmentally sensitive land in Nebraska.

These Mountains Of Sulfur Growing In The Oil Sands Are Only Getting Bigger

Robert Johnson, Business Insider, Apr. 28, 2012

Sulfur is produced as a by product in the refining of oil and natural gas, so naturally there is a lot of it here in the Alberta oil sands.

Trans Mountain: Same pipeline, new realities

By Claudia Cattaneo, Financial Post, April 27, 2012

Pushback to expansion has already begun

Marine and oil expert's alarming critique of proposed Enbridge pipeline

Alexis Stoymenoff, Vancouver Observer, Apr 23rd, 2012

First let me say that my background is all in the Marine industry, first as a professional Master Mariner with worldwide seagoing experience and secondly ashore in ship management.

Pipeline plan triggers scramble for Vancouver bylaw

CBC News, 26 Apr 2012

City council and Park Board gird for battle over Kinder Morgan twinning project

The City of Vancouver is ramping up efforts to oppose the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion from Alberta to the Burnaby end of Vancouver Harbour.

Oilsands debate shifts to west coast

Steven Ewart, Calgary Herald, April 20 2012

The focal point of the oilsands debate, which moved from the pastoral U.S. Midwest to the pristine B.C. wilderness, has now shifted to the decidedly troubled waters off Canada's West Coast in response to a plan to ship more oil through the port at Vancouver.

Little in pipeline expansions for B.C.

Barbara Yaffe, Vancouver Sun, April 20 2012

VANCOUVER — As yet another proposal emerges to carry ever-greater volumes of Alberta oil to the West Coast, British Columbians have every good reason to ask: What's in it for us?

What the Glut? Why Cushing is Bursting and Hurting Oklahoma’s Economy

Joe Wertz, StateImpact, NPR, April 17 2012

This is the first of a four-part collaborative series by StateImpact Oklahoma and Texas on the economic and environmental impact of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Oklahoma is in an unlikely economic predicament: It has too much oil.

Kinder Morgan's Ian Anderson on BC Almanac

BC Almanac, CBC, 17 Apr 2012

Mark Forsyth interviews Kinder Morgan's Ian Anderson about the Trans Mountain Expansion project.

Click here to listen to the interview and call-in discussion

Vancouver, Burnaby mayors decry Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion

Jeff Lee & Brian Morton, Vancouver Sun, April 14 2012

Oil pipeline expansion to be 40 per cent larger than anticipated on strong demand

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