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Germany's Energy Poverty (Part 3): Incentives for Pollution

SPIEGEL Staff, September 4 2013

More and more wind turbines are turning in Germany, and solar panels are basking in the sun, yet the amount of pollutants and greenhouse gases emitted by smokestacks increased last year. This dramatic turn of events is especially evident in small town of Grosskotzenburg, just east of Frankfurt.

Germany's Energy Poverty (Part 2): The Regressive Energy Tax

SPIEGEL Staff, September 4 2013

Consumer advocates and aid organizations say the breaking point has already been reached. Today, more than 300,000 households a year are seeing their power shut off because of unpaid bills. Caritas and other charity groups call it "energy poverty."

Germany's Energy Poverty (Part 1): How Electricity Became a Luxury Good

SPIEGEL Staff, September 4 2013

If you want to do something big, you have to start small. That's something German Environment Minister Peter Altmaier knows all too well. The politician, a member of the center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU), has put together a manual of practical tips on how everyone can make small, everyday contributions to the shift away from nuclear power and toward green energy. The so-called Energiewende, or energy revolution, is Chancellor Angela Merkel's project of the century.

Rate design wars are the sound of utilities taking residential PV seriously

Imagine walking into your supermarket with a bag of zucchini from your garden and saying that you’d like to trade them straight up for an equal quantity of zucchini next month.

Massive wind farm planned near Sooke could power 75,000 homes

Andrew Duffy, Times Colonist, October 4, 2013

If TimberWest has its way, the forest company could generate enough electricity to power between 70,000 and 75,000 homes by 2017 with dozens of wind turbines in the Sooke area.

B.C. demand for renewable power could boom

Scott Simpson, Vancouver Sun, April 30, 2013

KPMG report sees LNG, population and industry growth as catalysts for new wave of IPPs

Wind power development could boom in British Columbia as the province scrambles to support a potential LNG export industry, according to a study.

Giant windmill blades arrive

Staff Writer, North Island MidWeek, November 16, 2012

The first gigantic wind turbine components destined for the Knob Hill wind farm site have arrived in Port Hardy.

Tidal power studies start with community input

Brian Kieran, Campbell River Mirror, November 06, 2012

A Nanaimo-based engineering firm that wants to investigate the feasibility of tidal power in this area is starting the process by measuring the ebb and flow of public sentiment.

Caisse invests $100m in hydroelectric firm

Canadian Press, The Province, July 27, 2012

The Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec is investing almost $100 million in a Quebec hydroelectric company that is acquiring a presence in northeastern B.C.

The pension fund manager said Thursday it bought 9.6 million common shares of Innergex Renewable Energy for $10.27 per share for a total cost of $98.9 million.

Germany sets new solar power record, institute says

By Erik Kirschbaum, Reuters, May 26, 2012

BERLIN  - German solar power plants produced a world record 22 gigawatts of electricity per hour - equal to 20 nuclear power stations at full capacity - through the midday hours on Friday and Saturday, the head of a renewable energy think tank said.

Focus On Technology Overlooks Human Behavior When Addressing Climate Change

Science Daily, March 19, 2012

Technology alone won't help the world turn away from fossil fuel-based energy sources, says University of Oregon sociologist Richard York. In a newly published paper, York argues for a shift in political and economic policies to embrace the concept that continued growth in energy consumption is not sustainable.

East Bay MUD's $32 million upgrade diverts food waste to electricity to power 13,000 homes.

By Mike Taugher, Contra Costa Times, 04/04/2012

With a new jet-engine sized turbine and truckloads of chicken blood, food scraps and other nasty waste, an East Bay wastewater utility has become the first in the country to generate more power than it uses, an industry official said Tuesday.

The end of baseload? It may come sooner than you think

By , RenewEconomy, 20 February 2012
One of the principal architects of Germany’s push into renewable energy technologies, Hans-Josef Fell, believes that the country could achieve 100 per cent renewables in its electricity sector by 2030 – and may do it quicker. The rest of the world could follow soon after.

Green energy's deadly doldrums

Richard Blackwell, Globe and Mail, Feb. 23, 2012

In late 2007 and early 2008, the global renewable energy sector seemed on the cusp of a golden age, as investors pushed the price of big, multinational players in the green-tech space to record highs.

A Gold Rush of Subsidies in Clean Energy Search

By ERIC LIPTON and CLIFFORD KRAUSS, New York Times, November 11, 2011

WASHINGTON — Halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, on a former cattle ranch and gypsum mine, NRG Energy is building an engineering marvel: a compound of nearly a million solar panels that will produce enough electricity to power about 100,000 homes.

Massive store of energy right beneath our feet

By Margaret Munro, Postmedia News, Ottawa Citizen, September 14, 2011

Clean, renewable, constant source

A "massive" store of clean, renewable energy is sitting at Canadians' feet, according to a federal report on geothermal energy.

Download the (52 mb) report here

Nahwitti windfarm wins public approval moving a step closer to construction

By Ken Manning, North Island Gazette, March 31, 2011

PORT HARDY — Green energy pioneer Nomis Power Corp (NPC) unveiled its Nahwitti Windfarm Project to local residents and invited public comment on the project during an open house at Port Hardy Civic Centre Mar. 24.

North Island windfarm gets new name and a makeover

By J.R. Rardon, North Island Gazette, March 31, 2011

PORT HARDY — The North Island's Knob Hill Wind Farm is dead, but only in name.

NaiKun headaches hold lessons for offshore wind projects

By Dave Simms, CBC News, Mar 30, 2011

The fierce, consistent winds blowing through the Hecate Strait on the northwest coast of British Columbia would seem to make the site an easy choice for Canada's first offshore wind project. But reality has turned out to be a lot more complex.

Chetwynd area wind farm powers up for BC Hydro sales

By Gordon Hamilton, Vancouver Sun, March 2, 2011

VANCOUVER — Plutonic Power Corporation has completed the startup of its 43-turbine wind farm at Dokie Ridge near Chetwynd, and is selling energy to BC Hydro under a 25-year energy purchase agreement.

B.C.'s largest wind farm starting up

By Tom Fletcher, BC Local News, Hope Standard, November 24, 2010

B.C.'s second wind farm is up and running.

With 48 towers, Dokie Wind Farm near Chetwynd is larger than the 34-tower Bear Mountain Wind near Dawson Creek, which started feeding the BC Hydro grid in October 2009.

BC Hydro purchases clean power from Zellstoff Celgar pulp mill

Pulp and Paper Canada, November 16, 2010

Castlegar, B.C. - BC Hydro is now purchasing clean electricity from the Zellstoff Celgar's Green Energy Project as a result of a series of upgrades that allow the pulp mill to direct more steam to energy production. A new 48-megawatt condensing turbine is now generating electricity for use in the BC Hydro power grid. Once the turbine is fully optimized, the pulp mill will produce enough surplus electricity to power the equivalent of 20,000 homes in B.C.

'We Have the Technology to End Our Dependence on Fossil Fuels'

Christoph Seidler, Der Spiegel, June 10, 2010

Bertrand Piccard has been working on a solar-powered plane for almost a decade and hopes to fly it around the world in 2013. He spoke to SPIEGEL ONLINE about ending the world's addiction to fossil fuels, the aviation industry's need to change and how he plans to stay awake during the round-the-world flight.

Geothermal could meet Canada’s power needs

Tyler Hamilton, The Star, May 17 2010

Canada could technically meet all its electricity needs and dramatically lower greenhouse-gas emissions if it moved aggressively to develop enhanced geothermal power projects, according to the first comprehensive assessment of the country’s deep geothermal resources.

Northern wind power surges in BC Hydro's Clean Power Call

SCOTT SIMPSON, Vancouver Sun, May 11, 2010

Half of the electricity supply additions come from wind energy

Wind energy accounts for about half the new electricity supply contracted by BC Hydro in the 2008 Clean Power Call, which is finally close to completion.

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