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Columbia River Treaty

B.C.’s financial honeymoon ends with Columbia River Treaty anniversary

Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun, June 17, 2013

VICTORIA — As newly appointed cabinet minister for BC Hydro, Bill Bennett inherited the provincial share of an emerging challenge in Canada-U.S. relations.

U.S., Canada ponder new terms for shared Columbia River

Tom Banse, KPLU 88.5, 29 September 2011

Your power bill could be cheaper if the U.S. didn't send so much electricity north of the border every year. Canada lays claim to around $300 million worth of hydropower annually under the terms of a 50-year-old treaty.

B.C. looks at hydro expansion on Columbia River system

SCOTT SIMPSON, Vancouver Sun, July 27, 2010

Deadline looming for project near Trail

The British Columbia government continues to give serious consideration to a major hydroelectric expansion project on the Columbia River system.

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