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Carbon Tax

B.C. concludes that carbon tax is working, yet rejects important next steps

Matt Horne, Pembina Institute, Feb 19 2013

I spent today in the B.C. budget lockup, and yes, it was as inspiring and exciting as I’m sure you can imagine a budget lockup would be. One of the things I was interested in was the outcome of the province’s carbon tax review, which was announced in last year’s budget.

10 reasons a carbon tax is trickier than you think

David Roberts,, November 19 2012

House GOP leaders recently confirmed again what I wrote last week: There isn’t going to be a carbon tax in the next two years or, probably, for as long as the GOP controls the House. I’ve been asked by a few climate types, “Why not spend your time pushing for it rather than poo-pooing its chances?” It’s a reasonable question. The answer, I suppose, is that I do not regard it with the same reverence as many economists and climate hawks.

B.C. Liberals keep carbon tax

Dirk Meissner, The Canadian Press, Times-Colonist, October 28, 2012

Party members at Whistler convention reject a call to eliminate lucrative levy

British Columbia's Liberals still support their carbon tax.

Canada's carbon lesson: Just put a price on it

Chris Wood, LA Times, February 29, 2012

Five years ago, the province of British Columbia launched a quest to slash its carbon emissions. Here's what it has learned.

B.C. Liberals announce review of province’s carbon tax

Ian Bailey, Globe and Mail, Feb. 21, 2012

VICTORIA— B.C. Liberals are questioning a key tenet of North America’s only carbon tax, enacted into law by former premier Gordon Campbell.

B.C. should remove roadblocks to renewable fuels sector

By Brian Roberts, Adam Kreek And Chris McDowell, Vancouver Sun September 27, 2011

Environmentally friendly products taxed as if they were derived from the fossil fuels they aim to replace

Carbon credits hurt schools, help Encana

Paul Willcocks, Times Colonist, May 11, 2011

School districts across B.C. are chopping budgets because they don't have enough money.

At the same time, they're being forced to fork over millions for globalwarming carbon offsets - and some of the money is handed over as subsidies to profitable corporations.

Energy group calls for huge carbon tax hike

By Scott Simpson, Vancouver Sun September 16, 2010

A 48-cent hike in the price of gasoline is needed to fight climate change, Pembina Institute says

B.C. will hit industrial emitters from two directions

SCOTT SIMPSON, Vancouver Sun, July 30, 2010

But a government official says cap-and-trade program, carbon tax will be mutually exclusive

British Columbia industries will face two sets of environmental regulations for their greenhouse gas emissions.

Albertans agree: A carbon tax was the best solution

Jeffrey Simpson, Globe and Mail, Jan. 23, 2010

The economics of sequestration are expensive on a per-tonne basis

Quebec is expected to receive somewhat more than $8.5-billion in equalization payments next year, up from about $8.3-billion this year. The payments will represent about 11 per cent of the government's total revenues.

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