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Pipeline safety review fails to answer key questions, critics say

Sarah O'Donnell & Dan Healing, Edmonton Journal & Calgary Herald, August 23, 2013

EDMONTON - A promised report into the safety of Alberta’s vast pipeline network prompted by a series of high profile spills fails to dig into some of the most serious concerns, critics said Friday.

Alberta Pipeline Safety Review

Alberta Energy, 23 Aug 2013

The Government of Alberta supports the innovative, responsible and sustainable development of our province’s energy resources through a variety of technology funds and initiatives.

TransCanada’s eastern path hits snag in Ontario

Shawn McCarthy, The Globe and Mail, Aug. 22 2013

OTTAWA — The Ontario government wants assurances that the province will benefit economically from TransCanada Corp.’s pipeline project to ship crude from Alberta to refineries and export terminals in eastern Canada.

Coast to coast, a power grid stretched thin

Shawn McCarthy & Josh Kerr, Globe & Mail, Aug 14 2013

Faced with rising demand and aging infrastructure, Toronto Hydro is spending $184-million to install a transformer just south of the CN Tower to keep the lights on and air conditioners humming along the city’s lake shore.

Eastern pipeline will have to face hurdles

Editorial, Vancouver Sun, August 16, 2013

Prospect of a pipeline to deliver oilsands crude embraced in New Brunswick, opposed in B.C.

Thomson: Will we ever see pipeline report?

Graham Thomson, Edmonton Journal, August 13, 2013

I’m not sure anybody looks forward to the end of summer. But I would hazard a guess that of all those not looking forward to it, nobody is dreading the end of summer more than Energy Minister Ken Hughes. Not even schoolchildren and road construction crews.

TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline closer to reality as shippers back project

Jeff Lewis, National Post, July 26 2013

CALGARY – TransCanada Corp. plans to finalize agreements with prospective shippers backing its proposed Energy East pipeline in the next two weeks, an executive in charge of the project said Friday.

Quebec, B.C. take steps to bridge Canada's energy divide

Shawn McCarthy, Kelly Cryderman & Adrian Morrow, The Globe and Mail, Jul. 26 2013

Quebec Premier Pauline Marois gave a political boost to TransCanada Corp.’s proposed west-to-east oil pipeline, saying she remains open to the project despite heightened concerns about the transport of crude through her province in the aftermath of the Lac-Mégantic disaster.

Quebec town rocked by explosions, fire after derailment

CBC News, July 6 2013

Train derailment in Lac-Mégantic forces 1,000 from homes as several reported missing

Lac-Megantic, Quebec: Train carrying crude oil derails, explodes

Canadian Press, Montreal Gazette, July 6 2013

MONTREAL - By mid-morning Saturday, 10 hours after a train derailment set off a series of explosions, firefighters still could not get near the centre of the fire raging in the downtown area of historic Lac Mégantic, authorities told media.

Pipeline companies required to have $1B cleanup funds

CBC News, June 26 2013

Major crude oil companies must have $1B available for potential spills

Companies running major pipelines through Canada will be required to have at least $1 billion on hand to clean up damage, the federal government has announced.

Canada railways split on crude as Keystone ruling looms

Andrew Mayeda, Bloomberg News, Delaware News Journal, June 24 2013

OTTAWA, CANADA — Canadian National Railway sees “tremendous” growth in shipping oil by train. Hunter Harrison, who runs its biggest rival, says he isn’t so sure as he looks at potential pipeline competition.

'Every plant and tree died:' Huge Alberta pipeline spill raises safety questions

Kiley Kroh, Climate Progress, June 19 2013

Following initial speculation that the leak stemmed from aging infrastructure, officials from Apache Corp. revealed that the pipeline was only five years old and had been designed to last for 30.

Canada raises liability for offshore oil spills to $1-billion

Shawn McCarthy, The Globe and Mail, Jun. 18 2013

OTTAWA — The federal government will raise the bar for oil companies operating off the East Coast and in the Arctic, increasing the limit on their liability for environmental and other damage from a blowout or oil spill to $1-billion.

Kinder Morgan files last minute objection to Joint Review’s proposed conditions for Northern Gateway

Robin Rowland, Northwest Coast Energy News, June 5 2013

Kinder Morgan has filed a last minute objection to the Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel’s preliminary conditions for the Enbridge project.

How the oil sands industry is distorting Canada’s economy

Thomas Homer-Dixon, Globe and Mail, May 31 2013

By 2030, Canada’s output from the oil sands will reach about five million barrels a day, more than twice today’s output. Yet, by 2030, chances are also good that the world will have placed a price on carbon emissions to spur energy innovation and wean humanity off carbon-based fuels. By then, climate change’s impact on global food security will have become starkly obvious. Already, heat waves and droughts in major grain-producing regions have caused food-price shocks and political unrest around the world.

Canadian refineries taking more U.S. crude

Zain Shauk, Fuel Fix, May 31, 2013

Canadian refineries are importing U.S. oil at a soaring rate, bringing in crude at four times historic levels as booming shale production continues to reshape the world oil market.

News Bitumen Doesn't Float

Andrew Nikiforuk, The Tyee, May 23 2013

Study debunks Enbridge claims that oil sands crude spill is standard clean-up.

Pipeline dreams turn to ashes for Big Oil

Rick Smith, The Star, May 17 2013

The arrogance of oil companies and the Harper government turned a previously obscure environmental issue into a much more potent concern regarding the erosion of democracy and fairness

Extracting info: Why’s it so hard to get the goods on oil spills?

Leslie Young, Global News, May 22 2013

CALGARY – It can be tough to get a good sense of how safe Alberta’s oil industry is when you can’t access the information you need.

More than 91,000 litres of oil spilled from derailed Saskatchewan train

Canadian Press, Star Phoenix, May 22 2013

A freight train jumped the tracks in southeastern Saskatchewan Tuesday and spilled more than 91,000 litres of oil.

Pipeline dreams turn to ashes for Big Oil

Rick Smith, The Star, May 17 2013

The arrogance of oil companies and the Harper government turned a previously obscure environmental issue into a much more potent concern regarding the erosion of democracy and fairness

Enbridge breaks safety rules at pipeline pump stations across Canada

Max Paris, CBC News, May 6, 2013

Company's defence is that National Energy Board is interpreting rules differently

The biggest oil and gas pipeline company in Canada is breaking National Energy Board safety rules at 117 of its 125 pump stations across the country, but Enbridge says it's not to blame.

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