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Bute Inlet Hydroelectric Project – Environmental Assessment Terminated

News Release, CEAA, June 22 2012

The Minister of the Environment has terminated the environmental assessment of the proposed Bute Inlet Hydroelectric project in south western British Columbia.

Bute Hydro Inc. had proposed to construct 17 run-of-river hydroelectric facilities in the vicinity of Bute Inlet. The project was referred to a panel review in May 2009 and the Panel appointed in the summer of 2009. In March 2011, as Bute Hydro Inc. did not intend to move forward with the environmental assessment process, the Minister of the Environment disbanded the Panel and released the Panel members from their obligations under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

Given that the proponent (currently Alterra Power Corp.) has indicated that it does not plan to proceed with the environmental assessment process in the near future, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Transport Canada, and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, the responsible authorities, have confirmed that they will not exercise a power or perform a duty or function in relation to the project.

The proponent may apply to commence a new environmental assessment process if and when it determines that it wants to proceed with the project proposal.

For more information contact:

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
Tel.: 1-866-582-1884


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